Laomu, Our Heavenly Mother

Believing in Maitreya is in essence believing in Laomu, the Heavenly Mother. Laomu is the creator of the heavens, the earth and humans. The rotation of the sun and the moon, the growth of all things are so natural and so selfless. As our eyes can see, our ears can hear, our nose can smell, our mouth can speak, our hands and legs can move, our brain can ponder, our heart beats; everything is seemingly natural and without interference. This naturalness actually exemplifies the boundless grace and love of our Heavenly Mother.


Laomu’s endless love is also accentuated in nature. Even though Laomu is intangible, that is, She cannot be seen, heard, touched or tasted, Laomu’s presence can be felt everywhere from the sun, the moon, stars, mountains, rivers, oceans, or even from a flower, a blade of grass, a grain of sand, and a pebble of stone. No matter where in the world, we are never apart from nature; therefore, we are never apart from the embrace and love of Laomu, our Heavenly Mother.


When we savor delicious foods, such as grains, vegetables and fruits; when we breathe in fresh air, have we stopped to think who gave us these blessings? We all received and took the blessings for granted; we were not aware of the fact that Laomu’s love and care were deeply embedded in the foods we ate and the air we breathed. The gentle sounds of nature and the lively sounds of animals are actually tender sounds from Laomu. All lives are equal, whether they are aerial, terrestrial or aquatic animals. Their lives are to be respected and dignified because they are the family members of nature. In this journey of life, we humans are not alone.


The deafening sound of thunder, the roaring sound of a rainstorm, and the crashing sound of waves are earnest callings from Laomu to awaken our conscience and remind us to act with compassion and unconditional love.


By understanding nature, we learn about our life, the noble vow of Maitreya Buddha and also the omnipresent love of the Heavenly Mother. Laomu, Maitreya, nature and we humans are actually one entity. Therefore, loving nature is in essence loving and giving reverence to the heavens, the earth, all humans, and all things; it is also showing respect and gratitude to Maitreya Buddha and Laomu, our Heavenly Mother.