Maitreya Buddha

Maitreya is the Buddha of the modern world. Many people recognize Him as the Joyful Buddha, the Buddha of Bless, or the Happy Buddha. Maitreya made the vow to change our turbulent world into a world of harmony; to change our chaotic world of sin into a Heaven on Earth; to change our suffering world into a paradise on Earth. Maitreya wants to recover our wounded earth and make it into a good and beautiful land of paradise. Actually, from the beginning of history to the modern day, there have always been many differences among our nationality, ethnicity, tradition, religion, culture, wealth, class, and intelligence. Despite all these differences, all humans have a common voice and hope.


All people want, a happy and carefree life, a joyful and blissful family, a secure and harmonious society. A prosperous and flourishing nation and a brilliant peaceful world.


No one wants to experience hunger and poverty. No one wants to live with worry or distress. No one likes darkness, evil, chaos or being forced or controlled by others. People want to be distant from disasters and tribulations.


Our hope to end these things is the force of goodness coming together to end the suffering of mankind.  This is actually the calling for the coming of Maitreya. He is touched by our hope and cries. For this reason, He vowed to come to our world to end our suffering. Maitreya is actually the manifestation of our cries for hope and light.


Maitreya loves nature. He loves heaven and earth, all people and all things. He loves life and gives lives the most utmost respect. Therefore, we should all learn the ways of Maitreya by revealing the beauty of humankind. This is to speak Maitreyan Words (words of compassion), hold a Maitreya Heart (a compassionate heart), have Maitreya Deeds (compassionate acts), and reveal Maitreyan Smiles (smiles of compassion). By these, we can help assist Maitreya accomplish a Pureland on earth. We can support Maitreya in his wish of making a beautiful heaven on earth, a reality.