Having faith in Maitreya is having faith in nature. Humans and nature are one. Having faith in nature is attaining:

The Highest Quality of Life

In nature, there are no comparisons or prejudices. No blade of grass is more intelligent than others; no mountain is more impoverished than its next neighbour, no cloud is “ugly” or “pretty.” Comparisons and prejudices are meaningless in nature. Nature does not judge. Nature does not discriminate. The human world, on the other hand, is filled with prejudices and judgments, making our lives stressful and full of worries, insecurity, and sadness. If we can unify our existence with nature’s existence; if we can learn from nature’s wisdom, then we can elevate ourselves to a higher level of understanding that transcends judgments and discrimination. Life will be simpler, relationships become honest, and living becomes much more enjoyable.

The True Glory of Life

Nature is beautiful and captivating because it is selfless and beneficent to all life forms. Selfless giving is one of the great compassion and wisdom that nature demonstrates. The purpose of life is not to possess or gain; it is to contribute to the society, the nation, and the world; to bring goodness to our family and community; to care for the natural environment and live in harmony with nature. The true measure of life’s glory is how much is given outward, and not how much is received.

The Greatest Blessing in Life

The greatest blessing in life does not come from the pursuit for power, position, wealth and physical comfort, but from being connected to nature, being one with nature. Attaining this connection allows us to always be the source of bliss, hope, and happiness for others, without seeking acknowledgments or asking for anything in return. The greatest blessing in life is to simply live the selfless cycle of the natural world. The sun, the moon, the wind, and the rain are nurturers; the fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables are our nutrition providers; they give selflessly and ask for no returns. When we achieve conscious unification with nature, we become part of the selfless providers of life. Being part of this interwoven, selfless, fabric of existence brings to life the greatest blessing!