Altruistic Values

The principle of altruism focuses on having an altruistic heart and altruistic actions.  That is to selflessly benefit others without asking for anything in return. An altruistic heart is the most excellent virtue of humankind. An altruistic action is the most authentic manifestation of life.


A main belief of Maitreya followers is to be altruistic to others. Being altruistic is to selflessly benefit others without asking for recognition. It is to love without discrimination or differences. A person who holds on firmly to altruistic principles would not harbor any thoughts of discontentment, suspicion, rivalry, greediness and stubbornness. Instead the person would treat others with gratefulness, tolerance, understanding, and respect.  An altruist would always benefit, care for, love and encourage others. All actions are sincere, and full of harmony. A simple phrase, such as “Hello!”, “Good Morning!”, or “Are you happy today?”, if sincerely expressed from the heart with love, would truly reflect altruism through speech.


Another manifestation of altruism is through simple gestures such as giving a loving look, or just simply spreading a loving compassionate smile, and in any other way that could convey our compassion to others. A loving action, such as lending a helping hand or cheering up a friend, is altruistic as it benefits others selflessly.


A true altruist would not discriminate. They would not treat a rich person differently from a poor person. They would not be partially attached to those who were kind to them, nor be detached from those who were unkind to them. Someone who is truly altruistic would show great love to everyone. This is why a person who reflects altruism will always be in harmony with the people and things around them, thus creating universal happiness.


An altruistic person’s perspective of life is very broad and wide. They are able to accept and let things go in life. They realize that our physical body is only a tool and that it is controlled by our pure conscience. They will carry a sincere smile, always be carefree and optimistic; they will spread harmony, love and light wherever they go.


Altruistic acts and thoughts provide balance on earth, and create an atmosphere of peace and righteousness nourishing our world. Altruism generates a positive feedback that builds upon itself, alleviating sufferings and creating life full of hope and vitality.  This will close up the distance between all people, and lead us to a simpler and carefree life, a blissful family, and a peaceful society. When altruism becomes a main driver of human endeavours, the world can become one harmonious family.


An altruist would put others’ interests before themselves; their own existence barely seems important as they spend their time, money, thoughts and energy on the consideration of others. It may appear that this person is at a great disadvantage but in reality their gain is immeasurable. They have obtained a valuable treasure which surpasses everything in this world. They would find their conscience in a state of absolute serenity. This is the course that every Maitreya followers should believe in and be firm in to achieve.


A person who is altruistic is not burdened by angst or anger. An altruist frames life’s events and challenges within the context of service to others, and by doing so can fully express the conscience of compassion. This person would be free of undue worry, full of virtue, and blessed with the ability to experience being. Life will be full of meaning and glory, as their actions and thoughts of benefiting others bring true happiness to themselves.