Conscience Prayer

  • The conscience prayer is an important spiritual aspect of cultivation for Maitreya followers. The conscience prayer occurs each day before every meal. It helps us reduce undue worry and anxiety, and is an opportunity to express sincere gratitude towards Laomu, the Heavenly Mother. The conscience prayer provides a time for us to be thankful for all that we have; to appreciate all things in nature; to be grateful to our parents, teachers, our government, our world, and all Buddhas and saints for their blessings. Within the space created by the conscience prayer, we mindfully meditate and reflect upon our wrongdoings, and sincerely repent so that we will not repeat the same mistakes.
  • We practice the conscience prayer with our head humbly lowered, our waist bent, and we vocalize our prayer rhythmically, with ease. Our body functions effortlessly, our mind clear of delusions, and our body, mind, and spirit align in synchrony and in connection with Laomu. There is a deep connection and appreciation for our surroundings; the nature, the earth, all people and all living things.
  • An important part of the conscience prayer involves repenting for our sins, bad temper, poor behaviours, and delusive thoughts. The acknowledgement of our faults and the conscious repentance of them cleanse our soul of our sins. We emerge feeling serene and at peace.
  • Apart from its pivotal role in an individual’s cultivation, the conscience prayer is also the key to the collective identity of the Maitreya Faith. It reflects our vision of a world of peace and stability, with no disasters, and where all living things would be saved from pain and sufferings. The prayer opens up the spiritual gate connecting all sentient beings and echoes the unconditional love that everyone holds for the world.
  • Through the conscience prayer, we pay respect to all Buddhas and saints; we show gratitude to the heavens, the earth, all people, and all living things; we also give reverence to the elderly, our parents, and teachers. The conscience prayer helps us become a humble and selfless person. We are more harmonious with ourselves and others. We cultivate a deeper understanding of our true innate nature: the realization that the innate nature – which is conscience – is the same in everyone; that there are no differences, and that all people are in actuality one family. When we mindfully practice the conscience prayer, we become a driving force in the actualization of a universal family.
  • The conscience prayer is a gentle meditation that is peaceful to the mind, and that brings us harmony, joy, and hope. The prayer allows us to face ourselves honestly, to become less attached, and to naturally appreciate all things.