Conscience Repentence

Everyone makes mistakes, but do people recognize their mistakes? It is bad enough for someone to commit wrongdoings, but it is even worst when they do not realize it. It is pitiful enough for someone to be ignorant, but far more pathetic for someone who does not realize their ignorance. A person who never realizes or confesses when they have done something wrong, is truly heading on a path of self destruction.


The self cultivation method of Maitreya Great Tao stresses the importance of conscience repentance. It is using our conscience to confess our everyday wrongdoings, our misconducts and sins that are caused by our bad behavior. We sincerely ask for forgiveness from Laomu the Heavenly Mother, and we pledge not to make the same mistakes again.


Conscience repentance is not just a formality; we should not restrict ourselves to repenting only in the temple. In actuality, when others correct our faults, or when we ourselves realize we have done something wrong, we should immediately repent.


If we truly repent every day, we will gradually rid ourselves of jealousies, suspicions, delusions, resentments, dissatisfaction and other negative emotions. Let us keep our mind clear and not let these ill habits and thoughts pollute our conscience. Let us remove every thought that is not in accordance with the pure characteristics of our conscience. If we strive to sincerely repent with our conscience then our body, heart, and soul will gain true tranquility, and a benevolent smile will naturally be revealed.