2012 Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Performances

On January 21, The Maitreya Providence Volunteer Group was invited to particpate in the Chinese New Year Celebrations held at Henderson Place Mall.  As the Volunteer Group were one of the last groups to perform, the audience was beginning to disperse.  Not surprisingly, the minute the upbeat music of the Youth Group's joyful exercise began to play, people were drawn to the stage. By the end of the performance, people were clapping and joining along with the groups finale, a simple joyful exercise in which the entire audience was able to participate in! 


On February 4, The Maitreya Volunteer Group performed at Cedar Cottage Neighborhood house, meeting MLA's such as Jenny Kwan and Mable Elmore, and also MP Don Davis.  The group again performed their joyful exercises and nature loving songs, bringing smiles to all the parents, children and seniors who were there to enjoy the performance.