Nature Loving Wonderland

Originally published Saturday, March 31st, 2012

This is a place where all people share a common culture. A common culture for all people is a nature loving culture. The universal need of all people is good fortune, joyfulness, and cheerfulness. The Nature Loving Wonderland is a world of good fortune, joyfulness, and cheerfulness. The Nature Loving Wonderland is located at Hu-Kuang Village, O-Mei, Hsinchu, Taiwan. The architectural design combines the beauty of art and culture, blends the elements of the east and the west along with the ancient and the modern, and exhibits a nature loving spirit and the cultural essence of the World Maitreya Great Tao Organization. The surroundings include a 72 meter tall bronze Maitreya Buddha statue, along with the Universal Family Cultural Exhibition Center, the Universal Family Gate, the Fortunate Square, and a beautiful landscape of pine trees and nature. The unique combination of the natural sceneries and the architectural design demonstrates the rich essence of the Nature Loving Culture. The grand and magnificent architecture covers approximately two hectares. It is a symbol of good fortune, joyfulness, and cheerfulness; it is a place for everyone to discover how to achieve an honorable life, family happiness, social peace, national prosperity, and world harmony. Above all, the building guides the way to build one universal family! Good fortune, joyfulness and cheerfulness are the common values, pursuits, and aspirations of all humankind. The development of the Nature Loving Wonderland responds to the calling of humankind. In the Wonderland, the spiritual yearning for good fortune, joyfulness, and cheerfulness has been gradually turned into reality and is further expanded worldwide.

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