Take Advantage of Today

I remember the first time I went to a Maitreya Great Tao temple. I did not like it. The environment was too quiet, and there were so many rules and regulations. I was not used to it. I felt like the temple was a serious and sacred place only for prayers.

I was a very stubborn and competitive person in school because of my friends and the school environment. I was also arrogant, obnoxious and selfish. I read a lot of books and so I felt that I was better than the others. I felt I was above everyone else. As a result of these characteristics, I liked to debate with people. I liked to argue for no particular reason except to prove that I was intelligent and smart.

After graduating from high school, I continuously went to temple a few times a week. One day, a senior friend advised me that there was a temple class being offered and he told me if I wanted to change my attitude, I should consider taking this class. I decided to give this class a try, but in the beginning, I didn’t feel anything special. Until one day, a master from abroad gave a lecture. He wrote the date on the blackboard and asked us if we knew what day it was today. Then he proceeded to say that it is ‘TODAY’. He asked us to reflect upon today, and whether we had changed faults and bad habits from yesterday. If we haven’t, when did we expect to do it? Tomorrow? A week from now? A month? It will be too late. I was very inspired by his lecture! He made me realize that if I want to end my bad habits and my selfishness, I had to start today. After that lecture, I started sincerely communicating with Maitreya, I would report to him my daily reflections and I was genuine when I did my conscience prayer. I was still influenced by the outside world, by my friends, and my work, and as a result my improvement was gradual.

I do not like to debate with others now, because I have slowly learned to embrace and respect other people’s point of views and perspectives. In cultivation, I think our heart and our thoughts are very important, as these two aspects affect our actions. With Maitreya Great Tao, I have slowly learned to improve my thoughts and my heart. However, I am still connected to many parts of the material world. Since I am living at the temple now, I have realized that I should sacrifice my time and energy. I clearly know my goal and my path for the future. I know exactly what I should be doing. Others might think they need to be a wealthy person or a person of high status. People are materialistic. Most of them only care about money. People believe that money is everything and that money gives them status and wealth, which make them feel important. But for me, I have realized that as a person, what really matters is our goal and mission in life. If we have a proper goal, and would strive to reach it, then we will live a fulfilling and content life. As a Maitreya follower, I know my mission is to assist Maitreya with his noble vow of creating a harmonious world on this Earth.

San – Indonesia