A Natural, Healthy and Compassionate Vegetarian Diet

I have a belief that when you decide to do something, you have to give it your all whole-heartedly. So, when I received the Blessing of Maitreya Great Tao, I decided to go vegetarian, even though it was not an obligation, to see how my body and lifestyle will adapt to my choice of a more compassionate diet.


My mind was clearer and sharper than before, while my body was able to keep up with the demanding tasks I gave it. The most surprising thing was the increase in my level of endurance. It even surpassed those of my omnivorous friends who used to have more endurance than I did before.


There were some challenges though. My challenges were that I got hungry more often and the vegetarian meals here were harder to find and more costly. I found that the hardest part wasn’t choosing to go vegetarian; it was knowing how to be one. By this, I meant knowing where to get good vegetarian food and cooking vegetarian dishes. Luckily, I had great vegetarian friends to help me through these challenges.


Not only do I find that being vegetarian is healthier for my body, I also find it to be a positive lifestyle change for my mind and conscience. Knowing that the food I consume does not require the slaughter of animals gives me a clear conscience. Now I truly enjoy my food. Every bite is filled with blessings from Mother Nature.



Many of my older friends have high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc; therefore, their doctors have advised them to reduce their intake of fatty foods, shellfish, sodium and eat more vegetables. In fact, human bodies naturally process vegetables better than meat. Many people force their bodies to process non-vegetarian food just for the pursuit of taste, which actually causes much burden to their bodies.


Going vegetarian is one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life. My body, mind, and spirit are more peaceful and healthier than before! I think everyone should give vegetarianism a chance and experience it firsthand.


David – Canada